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STORY Hospitality

A success story of inspiring transformational hospitality

STORY Hospitality is an extraordinary hotel management company, scoring top marks for the service they provide to those that entrust them with their properties, as well as the world-class experiences provided to their guests.

They manage a portfolio of international properties, dotted around some of the most sensational locations in the world.

With the Asian Pacific hotel investment pipeline set to reach the eye-watering figure of $9 billion in 2022, STORY Hospitality has made its move to take a portion of this market that is about to sky-rocket.

With Fourth help, and the implementation of Adaco, they automated daily back-office operations to prioritise efficiency and profit, so that essential resources could be re-deployed on core business.



“Adaco has allowed us to achieve a 15% reduction in the daily back-office workload. I believe this allows us to be more guest-focused, as these savings enable us to redeploy resources to support our core business, which is our customers. We are not here to tick boxes. We’re a hospitality company. We’re here to provide hospitality.”

— Asif Patankar, Corporate Director of Information Technology, STORY Hospitality

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