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Employee Scheduling Software for the Modern Workforce

Get the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time with Predictive Scheduling

The biggest hurdle for any workplace? Creating accurate employee schedules that reflect the availability of all employees in real-time. Too often, managers spend hours building schedules that inevitably change at the last minute to accommodate different employee needs and requests, frequently resulting in labour issues like under- or overstaffing.  

Fourth’s labour-based scheduling allows companies to set fixed budgets for labour spend while also giving employees the flexibility to commit to shifts in real-time, meaning your managers spend less time scheduling and more time leading.

Schedule Effectively, Forecast Reliably, and Amplify Growth

  • Predict labour demand down to 15-minute time slots with revenue-based scheduling using built-in forecasting models backed by machine learning and AI algorithms
  • Target labour hours according to actual demand with activity-based scheduling
  • Quickly create accurate schedules with time-saving digital scheduling
  • Automatically generate open shifts across the day and week with auto-scheduling
  • Make schedule revisions in minutes with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Avoid over-spend and control excessive overtime with the ability to calculate wage costs in real time
  • Provide immediate access to schedules with instant publishing to the employee scheduling app

Provide Flexibility and Control with the MySchedule App

Fourth’s MySchedule mobile app allows employees to view their schedule whenever, wherever, and in real-time. Employees can contribute to their work schedule, and managers can staff accordingly — all in a streamlined system. 

Superior Scheduling for Managers and Teams 

  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere access — employees and managers can manage their schedules in real time, no matter the time or place 
  • Fill open shifts early — managers can offer available shifts to employees instantly to avoid under-staffing or the increased costs of using external contractors 
  • Request schedule changes on the go — employees can request shift changes or apply for additional shifts right from the mobile app

Invest in What Matters

Smarter employee scheduling leads to better business results and a happier workforce. 

Save time and improve customer experience managers waste less time on administrative tasks and spend more time serving customers  

  • Plan staffing needs 25% more accurately with built-in labour forecasting (compared to traditional forecasting models) 
  • Avoid increased costs from overstaffing — managers have the ability to build schedules in advance to meet anticipated demand 

Why Fourth’s Scheduling Software for Labour Management?

Reduce time and effort. Improve speed and accuracy. And optimise labour costs across the entire business. Fourth’s next-generation forecasting and real-time labour demand model, combined with a modern scheduling tool and employee scheduling app, allows companies to effectively — and effortlessly — manage their entire labour management workflow.

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