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Create a More Connected Team with Fourth’s Employee Engagement App

Protect Employee Culture

Don’t let miscommunications and information barriers bring down your workforce. Foster a better employee experience and increase productivity with employee engagement from Fourth. Break down communication silos, easily access resources from any device, and connect managers and employees in one place.

Build A Better Employee Experience

Fourth’s digital communication and resource hub can be customised according to your company branding and provides a variety of features to keep teams engaged.

  • Mobile and PC access allows staff to use a single login to access resources anytime, anywhere  
  • Consolidate vital company information into one place 
  • Secure sharing of company documents, policies, images, videos, surveys, apps, and resources
  • Real-time alerts to keep your employees up to date 
  • Group messaging provides updates and information to everyone at the same time 
  • Team dashboard lets your team share tasks and monitor actions

Explore the benefits of Fourth’s Employee Engagement App

  • Help employees build relationships by allowing staff to discover and connect with team members across multiple company locations 
  • Provide easy access to resources with centralised information sharing  
  • Consolidate communications across all teams and locations 
  • Nurture real-time collaboration and engagement with instant messaging 

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