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Automation + Forecasting = Cost Savings

QSR Media Conference – Lessons learned in Singapore

By Fourth|Jun 7, 2023|11:10 am AEST

On April 27, Fourth APAC Sales leader Gary Morley attended the QSR Media Conference in Singapore. The event featured leading regional and global QSR brands coming together to discuss how to conquer the industry’s toughest challenges through the use of technology. We interviewed Gary to learn what the buzz was about at this year’s event.

  • What was top of mind for attendees?
      • Customers were engaged and asked a lot of questions. The labour, supply chain, and COGS pressures they face are still very real with no magic solution in sight. One of the most important things we heard from QSRs—of all sizes—is the firm commitment to digitalisation and automation as part of a long-term cost-saving strategy. Manual processes without real-time insights create poor forecasts with bad results. Digitalisation and automation allow you to capture data to make informed decisions, ultimately saving time and money.

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