The New Calorie Labelling Regulations: April 2022

A complete guide to understanding what’s required from your business

Starting from 6th of April 2022, food and beverages businesses in England will be dealing with another challenge. The new Calorie Labelling regulations will be introduced, allowing customers to know how many calories they are about to consume.

The new law could present an additional obstacle on the road to recovery for hospitality, however its introduction is part of the wider government plan to reduce obesity within the population and to encourage businesses to include more healthier options in their menus.

We understand this will raise many questions, so to make sure you are well equipped to deal with the new regulations, we have put together a guide which covers

  • Which businesses will this apply to
  • What is required by the law
  • How to guarantee compliance

The guide answers some of the most crucial questions for managers and operators, as well as exploring what the implications of the Calorie Labelling regulations will be for businesses.

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