Fourth Enterprises is Driving Significant Savings and Investments in Hospitality for Sun Pubs Group

By Fourth|Sep 10, 2020|2:41 pm CDT

Austin, TX (September 10, 2020) – Fourth Enterprises, parent company of HotSchedules and the leading provider of end-to-end, best-in-class technology and services for the restaurant and hospitality industries, released a case study detailing how the brand has been a key contributor to the success of Florida-based Sun Pubs Investment Group. As the parent company of Caddy’s, MacDinton’s, Yard of Ale, 260 First, and Proof Cocktail Club, Sun Pubs is leveraging the HotSchedules Labor Management and Fourth HR and Payroll Services solutions to enable them to reduce overhead costs, provide a smooth system to manage workforce compliance, and measure store performance all with one single partnership.

Sun Pubs’ management sought out a solution that would provide the performance visibility needed to make proactive decisions for each of its nine units. With that in mind, the company rolled out the HotSchedules’ POS-integrated labor solution in all stores, providing the team with real-time advanced sales and labor reporting to enable managers to simplify and automate the scheduling creation process. At one beachfront location, Sun Pubs cut labor costs by $9,000-10,000 a month with scheduling template-based off forecasted demand in HotSchedules.

“As the leading service provider for the restaurant and hospitality industries, we know how important labor management is and also how time-consuming it can be for teams without the proper tools in place, particularly during this challenging time,” said Clinton Anderson, CEO of Fourth Enterprises. “We look forward to continuing to provide Sun Pubs Restaurant Group with the best labor management and professional employer organization services, enabling the team to focus more on their core business of hospitality and less on administrative procedures.”

Furthering its partnership with the company, Sun Pubs began using the Fourth HR and Payroll Services solution at the beginning of 2020. Formerly outsourcing with another provider, Sun Pubs quickly experienced the difference in service with Fourth’s responsive, reliable services team. A seamless transition of payroll processes, benefits packages, and compliance management gave Sun Pubs the ability to maximize the group’s investments and identify strategic ways to significantly cut costs. Within the first six months, Sun Pubs recorded a company-wide savings of $40,000 on processing costs and fees alone, and is now on track to save $90,000 thanks to the HR Services solution by the end of the year.

“The opportunity to save on costs and work with Fourth as an extension of our team has helped our operations ten-fold,” said David Culhane, the Operations Director at Sun Pubs. “Fourth really understands the intricacies of the restaurant industry and how complex payroll can be with onboarding, tipped employees, and turnover. With any issue, they always have the best solution ready for us.” 

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