The Only Workforce Management Solution You Need

When running a retail business, you already have plenty of decisions to make on a daily basis. Don’t add to that workload by letting your workforce HR and admin get away from you.

With our retail workforce software at your side, you can automatically take care of a wide range of operations and save yourself precious time each day. Fourth’s Workforce Management Solution is designed to put all the information you need at your fingertips in one, easy-to-access location.

What can our Workforce Management Solution do?

Payroll and pensions

Streamline your entire payroll process with automatic staff payments made on time, for the right amounts, to all the right places

Applicant tracking and hiring

Looking to expand your retail workforce? Find, hire, interview, and onboard new staff easily with a company branded recruitment service

Retail rota scheduling and labor management

Take control of your staffing levels with accurate planning and collaborative rotas that engage your staff in real-time and react to your business

Employee engagement

Communicate effectively and put all the essential information your staff want and need into one, easy-to-find place, accessed at any time

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