Simplify your workforce management with Fourth

When it comes to all the different things your retail workforce needs – from finding and hiring new talent, to planning and scheduling staff, to paying and increasing staff retention – using one platform makes things a lot easier.

Gone are the days where you need different platforms to manage all aspects of your shop floor workforce. We’re here to make things easier, by offering you the only HRIS system with all your retail workforce management solutions in one package.

Our workforce management software has everything you need for each stage of the retail employee lifecycle, including applicant tracking for bringing in new hires, scheduling so you know every shift is properly staffed, and employee engagement to ensure everyone gets the information they need.

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How does Fourth simplify workforce management?

Everything under one roof

All the HR tools you need to look after your employees are seamlessly available in one end-to-end solution designed to help your business become a premier provider

Single sign-on access

Tired of juggling accounts? Switching to Fourth means you only need one account to unlock your recruitment, planning, scheduling, payroll, and employee communication software

Track your vitals

By centralising your information within our SaaS database, we can provide you with insight into your sales and workforce performance to help with labor-planning decisions

Decades of experience

Our cloud-based platform is built on 20+ years in the hospitality and retail sectors, so we’ve learnt what works for our customers and are ready to become your best-in-class business partner

Trusted by More Than 3,000,000 Users Worldwide

Fourth Specializes in Driving Agility in Workforce

Delivering a Winning Experience by Streamlining Workforce & Inventory Operations