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A key consideration for all retailers is how to use technology to improve shift scheduling on the shop floor. Our workforce management software enables you to support employees as well as keep an eye on your profitability & customer experience in store.

Our retail employee scheduling software uses machine-led AI algorithms to base scheduling recommendations on real data – your data – to build efficient staff rotas. Request a callback today to find out more about our retail-focused time & attendance platform.

How does Fourth simplify workforce management?

Forecast staff levels

Our machine learning algorithms examine and measure previous sales patterns to detect and predict future staffing levels that meet the variability in demand, factoring in the impact of local events and weather conditions.

Build rotas collaboratively

Save time and give your staff more features to love by creating a digital rota that can be published instantly to a mobile scheduling app where staff can view, swap and apply for open shifts in real-time.

Retail Time & Attendance Software

Our digital Time & Attendance solution, eClock, allows you to monitor staffing levels without the costs, onsite installation and maintenance of physical time and attendance solutions.

Keep track of budgets

Monitor variances between rota hours and actual hours for a true picture of your business, and manage daily spending by matching daily sales projections against staffing budgets – we make the calculations simple.

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