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We build our services based on 20+ years of industry experience, serving hospitality, leisure, and retail sector.

Providing excellence in software service to Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs & Leisure

Our solutions are ideal for onboarding new staff via a fully branded recruitment experience, as well as managing staffing demand through the seasons, to ensure your workforce delivers the best service possible to guests.

Giving Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Pubs the right support

our solution, you can automatically figure out rotas for flexible staffing that improve customer service without overworking staff, as well as streamlining hiring processes so you can scale up in line with customer demand.

Agile staff forecasting

Effortless understanding of your different responsibilities and the ideal staff levels to cover all roles.

Simplified payroll

Combining staff scheduling with automated, fully compliant payroll ensures everyone gets paid correctly.

Optimize inventory management

Running stock levels through our Inventory Management solution allows you to monitor item levels and increase ordering efficiency.

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