Make your payroll work for you with Fourth

Money matters can be a source of headaches when running a business – but not if you’ve got the right automated payroll SaaS, keeping track of every little detail.

Our cloud-based payroll software streamlines your payroll process by automating the collection of worked hours, expenses and the calculation of deductions for all staff so your payroll runs accurately and on time, every week.

How to Find Out More?
Here are Fourth, we have the specialists & the tools to support your payroll process leaving you to concentrate on making your retail business succeed safe in the knowledge that your payroll is handled.

Simplify how you pay your staff

Reduce the time and effort of running payroll from hours into minutes by streamlining your entire payroll process so staff are paid accurately and on time

Take away the complexity of each pay run with PAYE, National insurance and pension contributions automatically calculated and filed directly online to HMRC

Stay worry-free, knowing your payroll processing is fully compliant with new payroll and pension legislations updated and reported automatically

Shield staff from unexpected financial burden by giving them instant access to their earned wages at no cost to you

Trusted by More Than 3,000,000 Users Worldwide

Fourth Specializes in Driving Agility in Workforce

Delivering a Winning Experience by Streamlining Workforce & Inventory Operations