On-Demand Pay Explained

Revolutionizing how hourly workers receive wages

Staffing challenges have forced many restaurants, retail stores, and hotels to limit hours or close entirely from a lack of workers. Keeping teams in place has become just as important to profitability as hiring them in the first place, and employers have scrambled to add perks and benefits to retain staff.

Before the pandemic:

With pandemic-era restrictions largely a thing of the past:

On-Demand Pay offers a solution to both sides. The concept is simple: workers traditionally receive their paychecks twice a month, but on-demand pay gives employees the option to receive their wages as soon as immediately after a shift has been approved.

This e-book gives an in-depth look into the concept and how it creates an offering that incentivizes hourly employees to stay long-term — all as a no-cost benefit to the employer.

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