Onboard with PeopleMatter and Empower the Unbanked with Fuego

Onboarding with PeopleMatter provides a simplified and frictionless experience for new employees. Now, by combining PeopleMatter with Fuego, you can offer unbanked employees the Fuego Visa® card and account during the onboarding process – eliminating the need for paper checks and pay cards.

Unbanked employees feel a sense of financial empowerment and control having an account, plus they get the additional benefits that come with Fuego. Employers save on the costs and administrative overhead associated with having to manage paper checks and pay cards while providing additional value to their unbanked employees.

Fuego Visa® Benefits

  • Zero fees for wage draws when direct deposit is set up
  • No monthly or inactivity fees
  • Cash withdrawals at tens of thousands of surcharge-free MoneyPass® ATMs
  • Cash deposits & secure contactless payments at retailers
  • Link to Google Pay or Apple Wallet
  • Transactions at any retailer
  • Protection by Visa’s Zero Liability protection
  • Receive your pay up to 2 days early*

For the Employee

  • Feel more financially secure and empowered by receiving all the benefits and privileges of having an account and Fuego Visa® card
  • Get paid faster – up to 2 days early*
  • Direct deposit right to the Fuego Visa® card
  • No more check-cashing fees which typically range between $5 – $10 per check
  • No more limitations associated with pay cards
  • Fuego Visa® card comes with a routing and account number and mobile app for transparency and transaction review

For the Employer

  • Save costs associated with paying with paper checks ($12/per check)
  • Eliminate administrative overhead that comes with managing pay cards
  • Reduce the number of unbanked team members
  • In a very tight labor market, use Fuego as a way to differentiate your business from the competition and offer significant value to attract more Gen Z where financial wellness is one of their top motivators.

*Early direct deposit of funds is not guaranteed and is subject to payor’s support and the timing of payor’s payment instruction.

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